UPPER Merri Landcare is hosting a community meeting for Hidden Valley residents interested in being part of a new environmental volunteer group.

The meeting is designed to gauge interest in forming an environmental volunteer group, what environmental activities interest residents, and what environmental and land management issues raise concerns.

Activities that could be organised include wildflower walks, night walk spotlighting, and community tree planting, while environmental issues that raise concerns could include illegal firewood collection and dumping of rubbish.

While the group would focus on the public land areas and other reserves in Hidden Valley, private landholders could also be involved to help better manage their land.

The meeting is planned for 6.30pm, October 4 at the Hidden Valley Resort.

For more information and to confirm attendance, contact Upper Merri Landcare facilitator Chris Cobern on 0413 855 490 or chriscobern@mcmc.org.au before October 2.