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RSPCA save 28 cats and dog from ‘deplorable’ living conditions

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RSPCA Victoria rescued 28 cats and kittens and one dog living in ‘abhorrent living conditions’ from a property in the Mitchell Shire earlier this month.

RSPCA inspectors collected the animals from the property on June 5 and 6 after a member of the community made a report on the case.

RSPCA north east inspector team leader Michelle Green said almost all of the cats and kittens required medical care.

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“The animals were found in abhorrent living conditions at the premises, with some showing signs of health issues,” she said.

“Upon seeing the deplorable condition of the animals, 11 cats were seized immediately by Inspectors and a warrant was obtained and executed the following day to seize the remaining animals.”

The animals were assessed by RSPCA Victoria’s veterinary team and will be provided with the required appropriate care.

Ms Green said there had been an increase in cases of animals housed in very poor conditions often resulting in health issues for the animals.

“Pet owners are required to ensure they provide a clean and sanitary environment and meet all the legal obligations that come with responsible pet ownership such as the provision of food, water, shelter, and veterinary attention,” she said.

“It’s also vitally important to consider the number of animals you can legally own and are able to provide adequate care for.”

Ms Green said reports received from the community were vital to ensuring animal cruelty and neglect was investigated to improve the welfare of animals throughout Victoria.

“It’s only through receiving information from a member of the community we discovered animals living in these conditions and were able to get them the care they need,” she said.

Under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986, it is an offence to confine an animal in a manner that causes or is likely to cause pain or suffering to the animal and anyone found guilty of such an offence can face fines of up to $46,230 or 12 months imprisonment.


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