Angela Dickins, incoming branch manager Community Banks Lancefield and Romsey; Dominic Andreacchio, chair Community Bank Gisborne and District; Jordan Doyle, chief executive RDFNL; Suzanne Ewart, chair Community Banks Lancefield and Romsey; Sarah Barton, branch manager Community Bank Gisborne and District; and Aaron McLean, RDFNL.

Riddell District Football Netball League, RDFNL, will be known as the Bendigo Bank RDFNL for the next two years after signing a major sponsorship with the bank.

Community Bank Gisborne and District was a sponsor of RDFNL last season and agreed to increase sponsorship and support of community sport.

In becoming a major sponsor, Community Banks Lancefield and Romsey and other Bendigo Bank branches in the RDFNL area have also joined the partnership.  

RDFNL chief executive Jordan Doyle was pleased to secure the Bendigo Bank as the league’s major sponsor for the upcoming years.

“The RDFNL is thrilled to announce Bendigo Bank as the major sponsor,” Doyle said.

“The Bendigo Bank are a wonderful community orientated organisation who share the same values as our league, wanting to grow and support the community, and we thank them for their support of our competitions and clubs.”

The agreement has allowed the RDFNL to reduce its fees considerably, which means less out of pocket expenses for players, families, coaches and clubs.

The major sponsorship agreement and contribution of Bendigo Bank will mean a saving of 24 per cent for RDFNL members.

“The RDFNL’s major focus is to reduce the cost for our clubs and participants and this sponsorship will enable the league to continue to do this.” Doyle said.

Bendigo Bank will have its name included in the league logo, which will be seen on all communications, footballs, and uniforms.

The Bendigo Bank Junior Player of the Week will continue to be awarded, as will the Bendigo Bank Community Builder for Volunteers each month.

The awards are held in high regard by members of the RDFNL community.

Bendigo Bank is driven by its community involvement and support and the RDFNL are grateful of both, and look forward to working with the bank for the next two years.