Southern Skin Cancer Clinic staff will be at the Seymour Show on Friday and Saturday to assist with checking people for skin cancer. ​

For the first time, Southern Skin Cancer Clinic will visit the Seymour Show to assist residents with checking for skin cancer.

Southern Skin Cancer Clinic will be in the Exhibition Building at Kings Park on Friday, from 4pm to 8pm, and Saturday, from 9am to 4pm.

Clinic administration manager Michelle Hoey said staff from the clinic would provide bulk-billed skin cancer checks to show attendees.

“Our team are extremely passionate about visiting regional areas who often lack these important medical services in their area,” she said.

“We understand it is hard to find the time to get a check-up, which is why we have brought our clinic to you – to make it as easy as possible to have a skin cancer check-up.”

Southern Skin Cancer Clinic has seen thousands of people in rural Victoria and New South Wales over the years – finding hundreds of skin cancers including melanomas.

“We continue to spread the word of the importance especially for farmers, who spend most of their time outdoors, to have at least one skin check every year – it just might save your life,” Ms Hoey said.

“Skin cancer does not discriminate and is not as some people might think an old person’s disease.

“Sun damage just keeps adding up and eventually is likely to become a skin cancer.

“Statistically two out of three people in Australia will develop some type of skin cancer before the age of 70 – highlighting the importance of being sun smart by protecting your skin and eyes from excessive sunlight and getting regular skin checks.”

Ms Hoey said if people had noticed a mole or freckle changing over a period of months, they should have it checked.

“Particularly if it has grown in size, shape, becomes mottled in colour or irregular in outline, get it checked,” she said.

“Or if they have a mole they persistently itch or a mole that is lumpy or bleeds easily when rubbed with a towel and turns into a sore that doesn’t heal. These are all common signs you may have a skin cancer.”

The clinic also recommends people who have never been checked before or if they are due for a yearly check-up to visit their stand at the show.

“Don’t put it off any longer – make sure you, your family and friends visit our friendly, caring and knowledgeable team in the Exhibition Building for a bulk-billed skin cancer check,” Ms Hoey said.

“The saying prevention is better than cure is particularly relevant to skin cancer and can be lifesaving with early detection so make sure you visit us at the Seymour Show.”