Breaking Trad is ready to entertain at the Old Kilmore Gaol. ​

THIS Sunday the Old Kilmore Gaol will be treated to Breaking Trad’s Celtic music in a region-first event.

The concert has been organised by Kilmore’s Caroline Killeen who met a musician by the name of Gino Lupari. This chance meeting has led to the unique concert and a lifelong friendship.

Before his arrival to the North Central region, Mr Lupari said it was an easy decision to want to bring his band to Kilmore because of the friendships he has made.

“I have known the lovely Caroline for a number of years and of course her brilliant family,” he said.”

“The family have become good friends to my brothers and sisters and my mum. We have all spent many happy hours together so I did make the decision to play Kilmore on this tour; a very easy one.”

“About playing music in a gaol, let me put it like this, we’re not the only Irishmen to play and sing in jail.”

“Our mugs are primarily Irish dance music and we play it with big smiles on our faces.”

The band will hopefully bring smiles to the people of Kilmore on Sunday at the Old Gaol from 12.30pm.

There will be no tickets at the door.