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Finding freedom through family

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Emily Waite
Emily Waite
Emily Waite has been the Editor of the North Central Review since late April, 2024. With a particular focus on delivering community driven stories, Emily has been responsible for implementing the new 'Words of wisdom' segment, and regularly reaches out to residents both young and old to share their stories with the paper. Emily graduated with high distinctions in a Bachelor of Music from JMC Academy in 2022, and graduated with a Graduate Diploma in Writing and Literature from Deakin University in 2023.

Finding freedom through family was the theme at this year’s Refugee Week, with the theme highlighting the crucial role that family and community bonds play in providing support for refugees.

City of Whittlesea honoured the annual awareness week through a ‘Let’s celebrate finding freedom’ event last Thursday, which included multicultural performances, art, dancing, and entertainment.

Honouring the remarkable contributions of refugees and celebrating their journey towards freedom and new beginnings, Chair Administrator Lydia Wilson acknowledged the strength and resilience of individuals from refugee backgrounds and the cultural enrichment that they bring.

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“Refugee Week is an important time for us to come together and celebrate the rich culture that refugees bring. We want to thank our refugee community for their invaluable contributions that strengthen our society,” she said.

“We are proud to offer a safe and welcoming space for those who have chosen the City of Whittlesea as their home.”

Refugees in Australia come from all parts of the world to find freedom, allowing them to live without fear of war or persecution.

Anwar, a refugee from Iraq and now a City of Whittlesea resident, shared what freedom meant to her.

“Freedom to me means when I have the right to live where I like, wear what I like, do what I want, go where I want. I have this freedom in Australia,” Anwar said.

The City of Whittlesea offers several programs to support people from refugee backgrounds in practicing English, learning to swim, improving digital literacy, and celebrating cultural dates of significance like Refugee Week.

Council hopes to create a connected community where everyone feels safe, respected, and valued, and invites readers to learn more about Refugee Week at

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