Students are researching the history of their school and the Kilmore area. ​

St Patrick’s Primary School is seeking community assistance to locate historical items that relate to the school and the Kilmore area.

The school’s own historical collection from before 1979 was lost during the move to its new location on Conway Street, with staff and students now appealing to the Kilmore community to find lost class photos, yearbooks, class rolls, report cards and anything else to complement in-class teachings.

STEAM and ICT leader Shelly Michalke said finding historical items would help teach students about the history of the school and the town of Kilmore.

“We’re doing a real investigation into the school’s history this term, and our teachers went to look for the school’s historical items but found that everything before 1979 was gone,” she said.

“We’re hoping anyone from the community can help out and provide any historical items that we can copy and then use to teach our students.”

While a Catholic primary school existed in Kilmore as early as 1844, St Patrick’s Primary Scholl officially began from its previous site opposite Assumption College in 1968. St Patrick’s moved to its current site in 2011.

The school often refers to its own history and the history of the area in classes, and students have been researching available historical material to broaden their understanding of local history.

Items from after 1979 are also welcome and would be added to the school’s surviving collection. To provide information or historical material, people can call the school on 5782 1579 and mention Ms Michalke.

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