Police Remembrance Day
Members of the Seymour community and Seymour Police Station joined together on Friday, September 29 to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.
IN a formal service to mark National Police Remembrance Day, local officers, Acting Inspector Della Nihill, Senior Sergeant Clayton Munro, Acting Senior Sergeant Jamie Emond, Police Chaplain Ken Agnew and Mitchell Shire Mayor Rhonda Sanderson recognised those who had lost in their lives in the line of duty.
“A National Police Remembrance Day for police officers killed in the line of duty encourages police officers and their families to honour the memory of colleagues who have given their lives in the service of community,” Acting Inspector Della Nihill said in her welcome speech.
“It focuses public attention on the men and women of police forces throughout Australia, whose responsibilities are to engage public peace and good order. It reminds us all of the difficulties they face in bearing these responsibilities.”
Senior Sergeant Clayton Munro read the Honour Roll recognising the 19 Victoria Police officers, Protective Services Officers, Police Custody Officers, public service staff and police chaplains who have died during the past 12 months.  Judy McFarlane was also in attendance at the service; her son Andrew passed away in 1991 while on duty.
Acting Senior Sergeant Jamie Emond told the North Central Review that the service was well received and an appropriate way to acknowledge those “who had made the ultimate sacrifice”.

“We were really happy with the service. It was an appropriate manner to recognise those who had given their lives in service,” he continued.