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The quacks are showing as duck season closes

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Emily Waite
Emily Waite
Emily Waite has been the Editor of the North Central Review since late April, 2024. With a particular focus on delivering community driven stories, Emily has been responsible for implementing the new 'Words of wisdom' segment, and regularly reaches out to residents both young and old to share their stories with the paper. Emily graduated with high distinctions in a Bachelor of Music from JMC Academy in 2022, and graduated with a Graduate Diploma in Writing and Literature from Deakin University in 2023.

Duck season has closed, but not without 56 breaches detected during the hunting period.

Working in partnership with Victoria Police, DEECA, Safe Transport Victoria, New South Wales Department of Primary Industries, and Parks Victoria to ensure regulations were followed, the Game Management Authority (GMA) conducted 511 waterway and wetland patrols on private and public land across Victoria.

Authorised Officers checked more than 1,550 Game Licences and inspected more than 1,200 hunter bags, with a total of 56 breaches detected.

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Twenty-two infringement notices have since been issued, while 32 investigations into these matters remain ongoing.

The main offences included invalid Game License, being in possession of toxic shot, and failing to leave a wing attached, with the latter preventing duck identification.

Twenty-three persons were also suspected of breaching public safety laws by entering or remaining in a specified hunting area or hindering or harassing hunters. As a result, the GMA issued 22 Banning Notices.

GMA Chief Executive Graeme Ford stated the majority of people involved in the 2024 duck season acted safely and responsibly.

“While some people breached game hunting and public safety laws, most of the people our Authorised Officers spoke with were complying with the law,” he said.

However, there was an increase in the number of suspected breaches to public safety laws detected over the 2024 Season compared to last year’s season.

“Public safety laws are in place to provide a safe environment for all land users,” he said.

“While those who oppose duck hunting have a right to protest, they must do so safely and legally.”

Seven non-hunters are also being investigated for hindering or obstructing an Authorised Officer.

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