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Seymour outdoor pool budget increased

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Jordyn Grubisic
Jordyn Grubisic
Jordyn Grubisic is a senior journalist for the North Central Review primarily covering politics at all levels and sport with a particular interest in basketball. Since 2019 she has worked for several publications across Victoria including most recently at the Alexandra Standard and Yea Chronicle. She is always keen to hear from local community members about issues they face and has an interest in crime and court reporting.

A new roof for the Seymour War Memorial Outdoor Pool flood recovery works will increase the project’s budget by $123,917.83.

Mitchell Shire Council approved the additional expenditure at its November 20 meeting, with a new roof over the changerooms to increase the original project expenditure from $419,246.79 to $543,164.62.

The pool was damaged by the October 2022 floods with flood waters rising to about 0.75 metres within the building affecting the male, female and the accessible changeroom and toilet facilities, kiosk, first aid room, storerooms and the multipurpose room.

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It has been closed since the floods while damage is being repaired and additional betterment works are being completed.

Flood recovery works include rectification of showers, toilets and partitions, basins, all doors and door jams, timber seating and benches throughout, hot water service and painting.

Betterment works include new shower petitions, epoxy flooring in the changerooms, upgrade to fixture and fittings.

A new roof over the male and female changerooms was included in the original betterment works however due to a budget shortfall when receiving the sole tender submission from Whitehorse Construction and Plumbing for the project contract, the roof was removed and there was a slight reduction in some betterment components.

Council agreed to include the new roof in the current contracted works to maximise project and budget efficiencies with the cost for a new roof component $109,661.

Mitchell Shire councillor Fiona Stevens said Seymour residents would be looking forward to the completion of the project.

“They had a bit of a rough trot up there with the floods and the effect it had on their valued and precious outdoor swimming pool,” she said.

“This is about trying to get it back on track.

“Unfortunately as we know the cost of everything is going up so we are being asked to contribute some more money towards getting it back on track but the report is clear as to what we want to achieve.”

Works will be completed in two stages.

“We’re not in a position to provide all of [the project] at once but to reassure the community the pool will be opening in December this year and it will be safe and it will be functional,” Cr Stevens said.

“Please just hang in there a little bit longer so we can finish off a couple of extra works that still need to be completed.”

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