As the fire danger period has now finished in Mitchell Shire, Country Fire Authority is urging residents across the region to exercise extreme caution when burning off.

CFA District 12 acting assistant chief fire officer Peter Bell said while the fire danger period had now ended, there were some areas in the district that were still dry enough to allow fires to spread quickly.

Mr Bell reminded residents to register any burn-off they were considering undertaking, always check bylaws in the municipality and to check the weather conditions on the day.

“Even if you have registered your burn, conditions can change quickly and fires can get out of control within minutes in dry and windy conditions,” he said.

“The effects of an out-of-control fire can be devastating, and we want everyone to exercise extreme caution.

“We’re also reminding people to always register their burn-offs, so we know what is happening in the area, especially if brigades are being called to fires.”

Landowners can register burn-offs with the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority, ESTA, by calling 1800 668 511 or emailing

“It reduces the chances of CFA brigades being called out unnecessarily if a member of the public calls about smoke or a fire in the area,” Mr Bell said.

He said people should never leave a burn-off unattended as it was the resident’s responsibility to ensure it did not get out of control.

“If a burn off does get out of control, call triple zero immediately. People should have a fire plan and prepare for the event of fire, and never be complacent,” he said.