Georgina Dymock, Hidden Valley. was nominated for two awards.

NOMINATIONS for the Victorian Regional Achievement and Community Awards have closed, leaving The Bush Bus founder Georgina Dymock and Baba’s Kitchen owner Amrit Singh patiently waiting results.

Both Ms Dymock and Mr Singh were nominated for the awards for their contribution to the community, and are in the running to win up to $4000 or a PRIME7 television package.

Ms Dymock, of Hidden Valley, said she was humbled to be nominated twice for her work with The Bush Bus and its positive impact on the community – particularly the young children.

“I’m really excited to be nominated twice. I am very proud of The Bush Bus program and the impact that it had throughout the Mitchell Shire in 2019 and to be acknowledged for my leadership and innovation in creating The Bush Bus is very humbling,” Ms Dymock said.

“I’m very proud of The Bush Bus and all that we’ve achieved in our community and for our environmental education program. I say ‘we’ve’ because The Bush Bus would be nothing without all of the Bush Bus team.

“This nomination is as much about Anita, Jackie and Laura as it is about me. I worked incredibly hard to create The Bush Bus and secure funding from the State Government’s Pick My Project initiative so being acknowledged for that leadership and innovation makes me really happy.

“Let’s be honest, there will be tears if I win because The Bush Bus means so much to me.”

Ms Dymock thanked the community for their support of the program and said there would be plenty to look forward to once it was safe to gather again after COVID-19 restrictions.

Amrit Singh was nominated for an award for his initiative to decrease plastic waste in the community.

Business owner Mr Singh said he had been serving authentic Indian food to the community for more than four years, while also starting an initiative to reduce plastic waste.

“The model is, customers order food from us, we give them the option to pack their food in a stainless-steel tiffin instead of plastic containers by giving us $20 deposit for a tiffin container,” he said.

Mr Singh said people were free to return the containers and receive their $20 back, or they could keep it and reuse it for meals when ordering takeaway, at either the Romsey or Seymour restaurant, Baba’s Kitchen.

“Local community really appreciate this step towards reducing plastic in community. And they really like the model of this initiative,” he said.

Winners will be announced in October.