Broadford Primary School was a target for vandals.

POLICE are appealing for witnesses after Broadford Primary School was targeted by vandals and the Commercial Hotel was broken into, all in one weekend.

Between 5pm on Friday June 12 and Monday June 15, the primary school was subject to a ‘senseless crime’, according to Sergeant Rhonda Coates, of Broadford police.

Houses in Gavan Street near the primary school also had eggs thrown at them.

Vandals sprayed graffiti on walls, playground equipment and other areas of the school.

“[Vandalism] happens from time to time, it is extremely disappointing and a senseless crime. It just serves no purpose,” Sgt Coates said.

Police are appealing for witnesses or any members of the public who might recognise the tags to come forward and submit information through Crime Stoppers.

“Kids will talk, and sometimes they know some of the tags. Whether or not it’s organised or done on a regular basis, we do keep pictures of tags on our database,” Sgt Coates said.

“We hope the community can help us identify the tags because this is really disappointing.

They just don’t realise the cost involved in repairing the damage they’ve done and the cost to everyone involved.

“It’s not just about removing the graffiti, it’s the cost of the removal kits, which comes with bits and pieces, the time cost of people reporting it, having to remove it and reporting the tags.”

Anyone who recognises the tags should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or submit a report online.

Between 8.30pm on June 13 and the following morning, the Commercial Hotel was broken into and about $500 worth of alcohol was stolen.

Sgt Coates said the lack of respect for people’s property was disappointing.

“It’s disappointing during these [restrictions], businesses are only just starting back up and being able to have patrons again,” she said.

“Could this be kids wanting to have a party? Do these people want to resell the alcohol? It’s just disappointing they don’t have the respect for local business owners and local community by committing these crimes.

“Police are currently reviewing footage and the people were wearing hoodies and long pants. There was possible forensic evidence left at the scene which police are also investigating.”

Anyone who knows about the break-in is being urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or submit a report online.