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New transport pay system on the way

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PUBLIC transport users will be able to pay their fares with a smartphone or credit card under the State Government’s new 15-year contract with Conduet Business Solutions.

The new system will incorporate all modes of transport including V/Line and school bus services.

The contract will begin December 1, 2023, with trials in 2024.

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Customers will still be able to purchase and top-up myki cards during the two-year transition to the new system.

Minister for Public Transport Ben Carroll said it was a ‘game changer’ for regional Victoria whose transport will be a priority during trials.

“Regional Victoria has been left behind when it comes to smart ticketing. We’ve done the regional fares cap, which is wonderful, but this is a steep change when it comes to regional Victoria,” he said.

“In the future you don’t have to go get a paper ticket, you’ll be able to use the convenience of your phone.

“If you still choose to use a physical card, that’ll still be an option, but we do know the more modern-day transport systems everyone wants to see has ease of access, and is simple and seamless.”

It will be a transition from a card-based system with all data located on the myki card, to an account-based system where information is downloaded from the internet.

“Privacy is of upmost importance. We as a government take cybersecurity seriously and will continue to monitor it. We know through this system’s trials and rollouts, we’ve chosen the right provider that’ll provide the security and ease,” Mr Carroll said.

“The state will have control of the data through the Privacy Act, but naturally in back of house that’ll continue to be managed through the cloud and a range of data security measures.”

The new system will prevent unused transport credit being lost with $80 million worth of unused myki credit currently sitting idle. When a myki card is lost or expired the current system doesn’t allow remaining funds on that card to be transferred, and refunds are only for registered cards.

Mr Carroll said current transport prices would not change under the new system and a platform would be developed to enable the upgraded ticketing system to confirm concession entitlements with various concession entitlement management authorities in real-time to allow concession cardholders to access the new system.

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