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Wallan baby show proves to be more than just a show

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By Tricia Mifsud

Babies and toddlers from near and far came together on May 18 for the Baby Show Time event in Wallan.

Running for the past seven years, Baby Show Time provides an opportunity for children to win awards in an environment that promotes community, support and friendship.

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Baby Show Time founder Jayne Wood Zlatanovski said the shows were about more than awarding children, and took pride in offering a welcoming environment.

“It’s not just about winning trophies. The amount of mums who have made friendships through Baby Show Time is amazing,” she said.

“Friendship is massive… someone who entered an online show said the other night to me that the words said about their child meant so much more than what any trophy could mean.

“There are mums here who suffer from depression, social anxiety, post-natal depression, people who feel like they don’t fit in or don’t feel like they’re valued anywhere but they come here, and they have an outlet and a family to be a part of.”

From its inception, Baby Show Time has supported the Kids With Cancer Foundation. Baby Show Time has received three awards for its support to the foundation and is a part of the Platinum Supporters Club.

Kids With Cancer Foundation is not the only group supported by Baby Show Time. When participants’ families are affected with illness, Baby Show Time directly supports them through proceeds from its shows.

“We help out the people in our community. We had a mum who lost a child to SIDS, so we paid for the funeral,” Ms Wood Zlatanovski said.

“We’ve had mums that have children with cancer, so in that instance we don’t go through Kids With Cancer Foundation and we donate straight to the family.”

To find out where Baby Show Time shows will take place next and to learn more about the show, people can visit

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