BROADFORD Bowling Club’s division one side finished its season on a high with a win against top four side Romsey.

Playing on its home turf, Broadford secured a 68-59 shot win against its opponent, finishing its season eighth overall which means it will not advance to the finals.

Two of the three rinks secured wins during the match, rink one winning 24-21 and rink two, 29-18 shots.

With 14 shots lead on its opponents, it was enough to make up for the five-shot loss suffered by rink three, which went down 15-20.

Broadford’s division two side was not as lucky, going down 47-68 to visitors Woodend.

Rink one was the only successful team for Broadford, securing a four-shot win, 22-18, while the final two rinks went down 13-25 shots and 12-25 shots.

The loss left Broadford finishing in seventh place for the season.

Meanwhile, Kilmore’s division one side was unable to score a win on its travel to Kyneton Golf, going down 71-52 shots.

Rink two was successful, gaining an 11-25 shot victory, while rinks one and three were handed 24- shots and 36-16 shots losses.

Kilmore division one finished its season seventh overall on the ladder.

It was a tough outing for Kilmore division two, which travelled to Macedon for its final round.

The visitors suffered an 87-40 shot defeat, with two of its rinks handed major deficits.

Rink one played the closest match, only going down by four shots, 18-14, while rink three was handed a 35-8 shot loss, while rink three conceded 34 shots to its 18.

Kilmore concludes its season in sixth place in the division two competition.