Kilmore Cemetery Trust members, back left to right, Graham Thomson, Dr Madeleine Laming, Sandra Tybussek and Bob Humm pictured alongside members of the Kilmore Men’s Shed John Perrett, Adrian Crothers and Neil White. ​

By Tricia Mifsud

FAMILIES and friends of passed loved ones now have a place to sit and gather at Kilmore Public Cemetery on a new park bench constructed by Kilmore Men’s Shed.

The Kilmore Cemetery Trust reached out to Kilmore Men’s Shed as they wanted to keep work on the the project local, and after many disruptions because of the pandemic and the shed having to close its doors, the table has finally arrived under the rotunda at the cemetery.

Kilmore Cemetery Trust secretary Sandra Tybussek said there were several reasons behind the need of the table, and was pleased with the overall finish.

“We desperately needed a table and some seating at the cemetery and we approached the Kilmore Men’s Shed and they said yes to doing it,” she said.

Kilmore Men’s Shed member John Perrett said despite the interruptions, the members enjoyed constructing the table for the trust, with the partnership between the two groups already extending to future projects.

“Sandra would call and I would say, ‘sorry we can’t go to the shed, we’re locked out again’ and I would give her an update just so she knew where we were at. Adrian spent a lot of his time painting the table and Neil did most of the construction,” he said.

“We love doing things for the community, that’s our charter, whether it be gardens, the Kilmore Memorial Hall, the hospital, whatever it may be.”

For people wanting to celebrate a special day at the cemetery, the rotunda and seating bench can be reserved for free through the trust.

“More and more Australians are not having formal funerals, and are a lot more do it yourself, so instead of putting the picnic blanket on the ground, there is now the place where they can sit and celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or any other special occasion,” Kilmore Cemetery Trust member Dr Madeleine Laming said.

“We are very grateful for the partnership now with the Kilmore Men’s Shed and what they are doing for us.”

To reserve the rotunda, or to find out more about the Kilmore Public Cemetery including the trust, email