MITCHELL Shire councillors have rejected an application to build a concrete batching plant in Beveridge, saying nothing about the proposal made sense for the area.

Applicant Aurora Construction Materials had proposed a plant on Minton Street that would operate 24 hours a day, entailing four silos and a truck shed, with on-site parking for about 19 trucks and 26 cars.

Council officers recommended council reject the proposal, noting the application received 38 objections and a petition with 67 signatures.

Officers found the proposed plant would: result in negative impacts on amenity to the surrounding residential area and residents; adversely impact on the future residential character and development of the area; result in negative impacts on the landscape character, values and visual appearance of the surrounding area; and cause adverse implications on the current and future road network.

At last month’s meeting, Cr Rob Eldridge said there was ‘not a lot to recommend [the proposal] at any level’.

“It’s another instance where we have got a proposed industrial setting in the middle of what is quite a high-growth area. It’s a dust-producing exercise, and as far as I can see the officers’ report is thorough and appropriate,” he said.

Cr Bill Chisholm said the area’s primarily residential makeup made it unsuitable for an industrial plant, and he also had concerns about how it would affect the road network.

Cr Annie Goble said the proposed round-the-clock operating hours were ‘unreasonable’ and there was ‘no net community benefit’.

Cr Fiona Stevens said several members of the Beveridge community had spoken against the proposal at a community questions and hearings on April 12.

“They all lived close to this particular processing facility. The issues they raised were all very valid – they had concerns about the hours of operation and there was an estimate of 650 truck movements a day,” she said.