BEVERIDGE Primary School principal Steven Fernando has confirmed the school had one student diagnosed with COVID-19 earlier this month.

Mr Fernando said even though the school had a confirmed case of the virus, by the Department of Health and Human Services standards, the school had not qualified for a ‘deep clean’.

“Even though our school does not qualify for a deep clean by DHHS or the Department of Education, the school has used its own resources to sanitise all buildings, resources, furniture and fittings at both campuses,” Mr Fernando said.

“We are confident that all strategies which have been implemented will prevent the spreading of any potential virus outbreak in our community via school attendance.”

Mr Fernando said there had been communication between the school and parents and families.

“All families of the students at Beveridge Primary have received notifications from the school through our messaging service and email,” he said.

“The communication informed parents of determinations made by DHHS that no transmission was possible, and that Beveridge Primary was safe for students and staff to return next term and that it did not qualify for a deep clean.

“I have further informed our families which campus was affected and spoken with the family of all students and staff who shared a learning space with the relevant child.”

Mr Fernando said the school would continue its sanitation processes to protect the wellbeing of the students and staff.

“We have ensured the school has been sanitised and will continue with our practices from last term,” he said.

“These included restricting access to the school grounds; disinfecting classrooms and equipment throughout the day to reduce the potential for any transmission of infection; extra daily cleaning across the school; no sharing of food or learning resources; students reminded to wash their hands throughout the day – after playtimes and before eating as well as after coughing, sneezing, blowing their nose or going to the toilet.”