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Minister for Children urges families to ‘enrol now’ in school

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The North Central Review
The North Central Review
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By Isabelle Williams

Kindergarten is crucial for ensuring a child has the best start to education, and the Victorian Government is encouraging families in Victoria to begin the enrolment process for 2025.

The Government has just made 97 per cent of funded kindergarten services free, allowing 140,000 kids to go to kindergarten cost-free each year, with Three-Year-Old Kindergarten receiving five to 15 hours a week, and Four-Year-Old Kindergarten receiving 15 hours a week.

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Kindergarten provides children with qualified teachers and educators who encourage kids to use their imagination and socialise with other children.

It also gives kids a basic understanding of literature and numerical skills, and develops fundamental emotional skills, with studies showing that play-based learning is extremely worthwhile and helps immensely in supporting children’s development.

Minister for Children Lizzie Blandthorn encouraged families to enrol now, as enrolments for August offers have now closed.

“Kinder has many benefits for children and families, with two years of play-based learning better than one. Contact your local kindergarten service today to find out how to enrol your child for 2025,” she said.

To find out more information on kindergartens in the Shire, please visit

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