The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has welcomed the State Government’s recommendation for individual businesses to implement their own mask and working from home arrangements as COVID-19 case numbers and hospitalisations rise.

The government has updated current pandemic orders and public health recommendations which came into effect on July 14, including reducing the testing and isolation exemption for positive cases from 12 weeks down to four.

Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry chief executive Paul Guerra said the chamber was committed to assisting and supporting businesses as they continue navigating the tough winter conditions.

“The Victorian Chamber is cognisant of concerns over the increase in COVID-19 case numbers, coupled with a difficult cold and flu season,” he said.

“Business can and will play our part, just as we have throughout the pandemic. We will continue to engage and work with our teams and clients to keep everyone safe and stop the spread.

“The Victorian Chamber welcomes the approach of recommendations and not mandates. This puts the decision making back on the individual and businesses.

“We have advocated that mandates should be avoided. This is a common sense approach which enables people to make their own decisions to protect their health, the health of their clients and their family and friends.

“We would also encourage our members to support their teams to get their third or fourth COVID-19 vaccination, such as time off to attend appointments.”

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