Neighbourhood Houses Victoria chief executive Nicole Battle visits Whittlesea Community House manager Mary-Lynn Griffith at the first Fix it Friday session.

WHITTLESEA Community House is hosting a ‘Careers Night for Grown-Ups’, helping adults find their feet and search for COVID-proof job opportunities following a difficult two years.

Jointly hosted by the Whittlesea Library and supported by the City of Whittlesea, the event is directed at people who are needing a life change, looking for new training and career pathways or thinking of starting a new business.

Whittlesea Community House Manager Mary-Lynn Griffith said the night would help people start a new career path regardless of their stories.

“Over the last couple of years COVID has absolutely shattered some people,” she said.

“We’re aiming to help people find COVID-proof careers and we’ve got a number of organisations involved. There will be 22 stalls happening so it should be a good community expo.”

Ms Griffith said the night was aimed at filling a gap in adult career assistance.

“The night is directed at grown-ups because the last careers night that these people could attend would’ve been in high school,” she said.

“We’re hoping to be able to provide assistance to adults who need help with their careers or any decisions they’re trying to make.”

The night is designed to be an expo-style event with private and public training providers, information from new business support, adult apprenticeships, financial sectors and support, as well as careers counsellors, online training information and job agencies including Jobs Victoria representatives.

There will also be a motivational address from inspirational speaker Justine Sless, showbags and a light dinner.

The night will be from 6pm to 8.30pm on Wednesday, February 2, with proof of vaccination required for attendance.

To book, people can visit the Yarra Plenty regional library website at or call Whittlesea Community House on 9716 3361.