Seven-year-old Ruby stands among the Spoonville that she and her mother, Ally, created during lockdown to bring some joy for the children struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic.

A SPOONVILLE has made its way to Broadford, providing children some fun and colour in what has been a confusing 18 months for them during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Broadford resident Ally Kendrick said after seeing many Spoonvilles popping up on social media, she suggested the idea to her seven-year-old daughter Ruby who had been really down particularly the past couple of lockdowns.

“Last year we saw online all the Spoonvilles that popped up from all over the world. I showed them to my daughter and she was very excited about the idea,” Ms Kendrick said.

Last year, Ms Kendrick recalls there being another two Spoonvilles in Broadford, and the success of hers last year and how well received it was by the children were reasons for its return this year.

Not only have neighbouring residents placed their spoons in Spoonville, but also some nurses from the Royal Children’s Hospital neonatal intensive care unit where Ms Kendrick works had contributed to the project.  

Ms Kendrick’s Spoonville has also been a way to connect with her family in England, who have sent spoons to contribute to the village, making the family feel connected while they remain separated indefinitely as the pandemic continues.

The Spoonville will remain in the front yard of Ms Kendrick’s garden on McKenzie Street in Broadford and she welcomes all members of the community to come along and place their spoons.

“We’d be happy to leave it there, I thought the kids would get bored about it, but they are really enjoying it,” she said.