Residential estate approved

By Jackson Russell

A NEW residential estate in Seymour has been given the green light by Mitchell Shire councillors, with changes to rectify traffic and safety concerns.

The proposed application sought approval for a two-stage, 69-lot development with lots ranging from 400 to 550 square metres.

But north ward councillor Fiona Stevens moved an alternate motion that made several changes to the planning permit on Tarcombe Road.

Changes included an increased minimum lot size to 650 square metres with at least half the lots needing to achieve an average size of 800 square metres.

Lots along the access road from Tarcombe Road will be reoriented to front an internal road, and the access road will also be widened, have no parking and increased tree planting.

An internal road will also be reorientated to create a small reserve along the eastern boundary to retain standing trees.

Cr Stevens said the traffic flow into Tarcombe Road and high density of the development were her main concerns.

“There are already problems with the narrowing of this road to the extent the locals are parking up on their nature strips,” she said.

“When they do park legally on the sides of the road, a bus has trouble getting through. Putting more pressure onto Tarcombe Road is a major concern with this development.

“This development as it currently stands is problematic, it compounds problems on Tarcombe Road, and it’s not consistent with what the community are asking through their structure plan.

“If we don’t give due consideration and respect to the structure plan, what’s the point in asking the community if we’re going to undermine it and allow substantially higher density than what’s expected by our community?”

North ward councillor Rhonda Sanderson said there was no shortage of affordable housing in Seymour.

“It’s not the sort of area where we want to encourage affordable housing,” she said.

“The estimated lot yield for this site is 44 lots, not 69 and around all the other estates are doing decent sized blocks. No one’s doing anything like this.

“I’m very supportive of further residential development in Seymour but I have concerns regarding the density of this development.”