Whittlesea boy brightens COVID-19

Whittlesea boy Ben Gillard, 12, hopes to brighten people’s time spent at home during COVID-19 with his guitar.

YOUNG Whittlesea musician Ben Gillard hopes to brighten people’s days during COVID-19 lockdown, especially with his latest cover of ‘Here Comes the Sun’ by The Beatles.

Ben, 12, said he had been playing guitar for about five years, and also played violin and trumpet in school.

He posted the cover to his music-dedicated Facebook page last month and it has more than 1000 views and several comments.

“I think ‘Here Comes the Sun’ is such a happy tune. I first learned this tune when I was eight years old and it has always been one of my favourites to play,” Ben said.

“I used to go busking a lot and that was the song that made everyone stop and smile.

“I thought it would be a good song to put up because there are a lot of people suffering from stress with these current times due to COVID-19 so I hoped it would brighten everyone’s day.”

Ben said during lockdown he was spending time playing guitar and working on new arrangements.

“I am keeping busy by doing lots of school work and learning new tunes. I also spend a lot of time riding my BMX,” he said.

“It’s given me lots of time to practice because we haven’t really been going anywhere. I sometimes get blisters on my fingers from too much guitar playing.

“I have been arranging ‘Standing with You’ which is by one of my favourite artists Guy Sebastian.

“I am going to record it this week. This song has a great message for people about standing together through tough times. It is a really beautiful tune and I love it.”

Ben said he looked forward to the end of lockdown restrictions.

“I am really looking forward to all of the restrictions lifting so I can get out and about and play at some more gigs,” he said.

“Some of my favourite parts of being a musician have been travelling around and performing in different places and also getting to meet lots of really cool people like Tommy Emmanuel, Richard Smith, Michael Fix and many more.

“Playing music makes me really happy.”

To hear Ben’s music and follow his career, visit his Facebook page.