Free and safe chemical disposal in Seymour

Mitchell Shire residents will have the opportunity to dispose of household chemicals safely through Sustainability Victoria’s Detox Your Home event on Saturday in Seymour.

People can drop their unwanted household chemicals at Mitchell Shire Council’s Seymour Works Depot, behind Seymour Sports and Aquatic Centre between 10am and midday.

Administered by Sustainability Victoria in partnership with Mitchell Shire Council, the free service is one of many initiatives diverting more waste from landfill, with collected items used for energy recovery or recycled.

Householders across the region are invited to take the opportunity to clean out their shed, bathroom, kitchen, laundry and garage and get rid of unwanted chemical products like pesticides, detergents and weed killers through the event.

Common household chemicals can be highly toxic and dangerous if not stored and disposed of correctly.

Mitchell Shire Council waste and resource recovery co-ordinator Narelle Liepa, waste and resource recovery manager Tamara Johnson and Cr Rhonda Sanderson show some of the chemicals that residents will be able to dispose of.

By disposing of unwanted, toxic household chemicals at the Detox your Home event, householders can reduce the risk of poisoning in the home, environmental pollution and bushfire hazards while also improving recycling rates.

Many people are unaware that it is unsafe to throw chemical products out with our regular rubbish collection as products can explode, ignite, leak or mix with other chemicals.

It is also important that household chemicals are not disposed of by pouring them down the drain, as doing so can pollute waterways and harm animals and vegetation, contaminate drinking water supply and make rivers and beaches unsafe for swimming.

The free Detox your Home event is open to householders across the region. Chemicals used for farm, commercial or industrial processes will not be accepted.

Items not accepted include batteries, e-waste, fluorescent lights, motor oil and paint.

These items can be disposed of and recycled through a range of programs and services which can be identified by visiting