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Wallan CFA helps out appeal

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Wallan CFA members will be out rattling tins this week raising money for the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal.

Volunteers will be out on Thursday at the corner of Watson Street and High Street, Wellington Square and the northbound BP service station on the Hume Freeway.

On Friday from 7am, they’ll be at the corner of Watson Street and High Street, both Hume Freeway service stations and at the fire station.

Good Friday Appeal bunny ears are also available for a gold coin donation.}

Good Friday Appeal area manager Allie Tuddin said every year the brigade raised more than $13,000 and the figure often climbed to $15,000.

“That’s all from tin rattling, we don’t do anything else,” she said.

“It’s amazing. I think last year was our lowest year and it was just under $14,000.

“We’re lucky that we get a lot of the holidaymakers come through the town.”

It takes a large crew from the brigade to raise that much money, with about 20 members volunteering their time. Some stay back to count, while everyone else is out shaking tins.

“It’s a massive two days for us but it’s worth it,” Ms Tuddin said.

“I think that’s just a drop in the ocean to them but we just do it for the kids. We’re a community brigade so we just like to help.

“Most of us have kids so we never want our kids to end up there so if we can help a family that does end up there, it’s does feel amazing. We mainly do it for them.”

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