A City with a plan

THE City of Whittlesea has formally adopted its 2018/19 budget following a special council meeting on Tuesday, June 3 after a failed rescission motion.

The motion was submitted by Cr Ricky Kirkham citing concerns with the implementation of a multi-cultural officer position and splitting rates from waste charges.

Cr Kirkham said to the chambers he wished it hadn’t come to a rescission.

“I want to say it is disappointing to put a rescission motion in to discuss the budget,” he said.

“I have some major concerns which I have outlined, I believe the council has overstepped its mark… it is not the role of council [to create jobs].

“We need to be clear and honest [about waste charges]. We need to be resilient to rising costs but taxing residents isn’t the right thing to do.”

Cr Norm Kelly agreed with Cr Kirkham, outlining concerns he had with the budget centred around ‘pet projects’ and the waste charges.

Cr Caz Monteleone labelled the waste decision a ‘policy by peace charge’ as Australia continues to grapple with the rising concerns of waste charges.

No other councillor rose to speak on the matter with the rescission notice voted down 6-3.

Cr Kelly, Cr Monteleone and Cr Kirkham all voted to accept the recession.