Early voting centres in Wandong, Seymour, Sunbury, Epping and Craigieburn are among more than 500 now in operation across Australia during a two-week early voting period, which started on Monday.

The Australian Electoral Commission is urging voters to plan their vote with the following centres now open: Wandong Public Hall; Masonic Lodge Seymour; Craigieburn Tennis Club; Epping Memorial Hall; and Sunbury Scout Hall.

Electoral commissioner Tom Rogers said a range of COVID-19 safety measures were in place, including regular sanitisation of surfaces and pencils at all voting centres.

“Australian elections are in-person events – once every three years the country comes together in a transparent and secure environment to have their say,” he said.

“If you can vote on election day then that’s what you should do. However, if your circumstances might prevent you from doing that then you need to think about the early voting options available, and vote according to your circumstances.”

Social distancing will be in force with equipment spaced out, markers and other signs providing guidance and queue controlling staff offering support.

AEC staff will wear masks and other personal protective equipment as required.

Voters do not need to be vaccinated to attend a voting centre and campaign activities, including handing out how-to-vote cards, can occur.

Mr Rogers reminded voters that polling officials were doing a great democratic service that deserved respect.

“We simply ask that Australians be patient while waiting to cast their vote and maybe give our staff a smile and a thank you on the way through,” he said.

“Not everyone will be happy if there is a queue or agree with the COVID safety measures in place, but our temporary staff are simply carrying out instructions and doing their job to the best of their ability.”

Information on voting centre locations, opening days and hours are available at aec.gov.au.

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