MITCHELL Shire councillors expressed disappointment in denying a planning application to place a large promotional sign at a Seymour property, after a similar application was rejected in 2020.

The planning permit application was for a double-sided, floodlit promotional sign of nearly 18 square metres at 8C Emily Street.

Councillors roundly rejected the proposal, saying it would negatively affect the area’s character as a gateway into Seymour, limit opportunities for streetscape improvements in the area and obscure signage at neighbouring properties.

A similar application for a major sign at the same site was rejected by council in 2020.

The applicant referred the decision to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, VCAT, which upheld council’s decision.

Cr Rob Eldridge said it was ‘disappointing’ to see a similar application come before council.

“This has come up before [and] it’s gone to VCAT,” he said.

“We don’t seem to have a learning environment where people learn from what other people have done.

“This breaks so many planning rules that I think it’s a no-brainer to refuse it.

“It’s disappointing that we’re not getting a better quality of application, because signage can make such a difference to a community and to a commercial area.”

Cr Rhonda Sanderson said the application was inconsistent with Mitchell Shire Council planning objectives.

“It’s at odds with the Seymour Structure Plan and will obscure view to adjoining commercial premises and limit the ability of those businesses to display their business identification signage,” she said.

“Now we’ve had another application launched we’ve sought further information, it’s been notified to the public and it’s so similar to what was previously rejected. There doesn’t seem to be much change.”