Broadford Secondary School has unveiled a new mural recognising the natural environment around the school and important school values.

A collaborative effort by several students in the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning, VCAL, program, the mural recognises the flora and fauna the Broadford area is known for, while still including the school’s values of building pathways, sense of community and inclusivity.

Student Molly Lindsay, who painted the mural, reflected on the opportunity given to the artists.

“We wouldn’t have had this chance through VCE,” she said.

“Through VCAL and all the planning and everything, we’ve had the chance to make this awesome thing.”

The students have also been able to strengthen their interests in art through the projects, with some finding a passion they may consider as a career choice in the future, fitting the mural’s theme of building pathways from the school.

“I’ve been interested in art as long as I can remember,” Ms Lindsay said.

“I’ve never thought that I’d be doing anything other than art.”

Represented in the mural is Broadford’s natural environment, the inclusivity and support BSC creates and the pathways for the future by the puzzle pieces behind the school logo.

Fellow student Destiny Rogers said being involved in the projects had strengthened her interest for art.

“Art is definitely something that we’ve both really always loved,” she said.

“I never really thought about pursuing a career in art until later on because I was told from a young age that art is not something you can make a career out of, it’s too hard, and all that.

“Now, the more opportunities that I’ve had, especially through VCAL, [I’ve been] really inspired to just give it a shot.”

The school plans to paint more murals around the school, each representative of the specific location in which they are painted. There will be a particular focus on the school’s science buildings, with multiple murals planned to have a science theme, as well as another mural for the planned transformation of the year 11 locker room into a wellbeing centre.

The mural has also had a positive impact on both staff and students, with staff commenting the environment of the support office had been totally transformed.