Surprise parcels from QLD

Kilmore resident Joanne Ruth was pleasantly surprised when she received masks in the mail.

SOME Kilmore residents were pleasantly surprised to open their mailboxes and receive hand-crafted masks from Queensland last month.

Kilmore resident Joanne Ruth said she felt joyous when opening the envelope.

“I felt ‘warm fuzzies’ when I opened the envelope. It put a smile on my face. They came out of the blue, totally unexpected. My neighbours also received masks,” she said.

Enclosed with the masks was a letter from the Tin Can Bay Craft Club in Queensland, wishing the people of Victoria well during the pandemic.

‘Hello from sunny Queensland…we are sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties down in Victoria with the spread of COVID-19, and the ladies of our craft club wanted to let you know we are thinking of you,’ the letter read.

‘Enclosed, please find two three-layer cotton masks to help you with your journeys when you venture out. If you cannot make use of them, please pass them on to someone else to use.

‘Adjust the elastics on the mask so it will fit snugly on your face…keep safe and know that we are thinking of you.’

The letter also detailed instructions on the proper cleaning of the masks to ensure they were rid of any germs or bacteria after being worn.

“I have written a letter to thank the ladies in Tin Can Bay,” Ms Ruth said.

“Random acts of kindness can really brighten a person’s day and give them a more positive outlook.

“Having Australians from other states showing such kindness doesn’t make us feel so isolated and ostracised in Victoria.”


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