Police conducting spot checks

By Jackson Russell

A select group of police officers in the Mitchell Shire are focusing on spot checks on people who should be in isolation as part of Operation Sentinel.

Six officers who are usually part of the Mitchell Proactive Police Unit are conducting spot checks and following up on complaints from the police assistance line about people who might not be complying with social distancing rules.

Mitchell Police Service Area Inspector Peter Koger said the team conducted 11 spot checks out of Seymour Police Station last week.

“Obviously that number’s going to increase with stage three restrictions. There’s going to be complaints about parties and other events outside of those rules,” Insp Koger said.

“I think the community expects us to be checking on these people because the majority of the community have been doing the right thing.

“Now that we’re in stage three, people are happy to let us know that people are trying to get away with things and I think it’s important that we uphold the community’s expectations.”

The six officers have received specific training and personal protective equipment to respond to jobs where they could be at risk of contracting COVID-19.

Insp Koger said police would mitigate as much of the risk to police officers as possible before attending jobs for the safety of officers, their family and the community.

“It’s important that we present a confident face of leadership and it’s important that we’re still out there and doing our jobs,” he said.

“Even though people are in their homes, we’ll be out there with the other emergency services and attend jobs as required.”