Students’ play delves into wonderland


By Steph McNicol

A land full of wonder, mystery and danger awaits at Wallan Secondary College, as rehearsals for the production Alice in Wonderland are well underway.

The cast alongside the directors and production team have been working hard to produce a three-night show for the community.

Alani O’Brien, who will play Alice, said the dancing auditions were her favourite part so far.

“I remember when I was in year seven and I was so nervous to audition. I thought it was cool seeing all of the year seven students being like ‘oh my god I’m going to get in’,” Alani said.

Ariah Hatcliffe, who will perform as the Mad Hatter, said she was looking forward to showing the audience how hard they had all worked.

“Doing it with Ms Clarke is great but getting on stage and putting all the hard work out there to everyone else that may not know that everyone has that talent is really good,” Ariah said.

The production co-ordinator and director of the show Sian Clarke said ‘we are delighted with the turnout of cast numbers’ this year, topping at least 40 students on stage.

The Wallan Secondary College cast of Alice in wonderland is looking forward to performing to the community.

“We’re so lucky here at Wallan to have so many teachers help out, it’s unheard of,”
Ms Clarke said.

Year 11 Koreniah Ulae, who plays the role of the Caterpillar, said she was nervous because it was the first time she had done any type of performance.

“This is all new to me. Because I’m Islander, most Islanders don’t try something like this, it’s good to let them know that we can try this, and we can actually do this,” Koreniah said.

Alana Rushworth, who plays the March Hare, said she liked the feeling of butterflies she had before each show.

Other main cast members include Gaby Sims as the dodo bird and twins Rochelle and Keera Carydakis as Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee.

“The good thing about production is, you might go into it with your friends but you also go into it with people that you don’t know,” Ariah said.

So it’s not so much building a friendship with other people, but it’s also like building a little family.”

Ms Clarke said she was happy with the cast and the varied age groups.

“It’s really good for older kids to be able to model that good behaviour and those good values, and for the younger kids coming up, it’s good for them to see that,” she said.

The students are looking forward to performing for Wallan, Broadford and Kilmore primary schools as a practice.

The primary school students will travel to Wallan Secondary College’s new auditorium to see the play.

“My brother goes to Kilmore Primary, and when I told him that he’d see the production before my mum would, he got really excited,” Alana laughed.

Wallan Secondary College will host the shows on August 22, 23 and 24 at 7.30pm, at the school’s auditorium.

Tickets are available at at $10 for concession and children, and $15 for adults.