Broadford’s youngest entrepreneur Darcy O’Connor has started a heart-warming new business ‘Darcy’s Doggy Treats’.

Darcy got the idea to make her homemade treats after starting a corner stall, where she and her friends sold store-bought dog treats at the front of her friend’s house.

“They had ones from the shops and I thought I should make some homemade ones because it’d be nice,”  Darcy said.

The business has grown since its beginning in October last year.  Due to her love for animals, Darcy has donated $100 to Edgar’s Mission, an animal sanctuary for rescued farm animals near Lancefield.

“She got to go there on the weekend to donate the money. They were blown away,” Chelsea O’Connor, Darcy’s mother, said.

The money donated to Edgar’s Mission ensures the animals have sufficient veterinary care and the emergency team is always ready to rescue animals in need.

“She’s mad about animals, she just wants to help them and care for them” Mrs O’Connor said.

Darcy’s dog Monty has been the perfect pet to test the star-shaped treats on.

“Monty has put on a bit of weight since we started this,” Mrs O’Connor said.

Darcy and her mum reiterated how grateful they were for the support from family, friends and teachers.

“We’re so thankful for the classroom support that Darcy has received, from all her friends and teachers,” Mrs O’Connor said.

Darcy sells bags of 10 peanut butter doggy treats for $9.

To support Darcy’s business, visit ‘Darcy’s Doggy Treats’ on Facebook.