By Joshua Wells

THE residents of an estate in Broadford have pleaded with the Mitchell Shire Council to change the drainage system before they become inundated with flooding.

The action group formed after two rapid water events swept through parts of Casey Crescent and Kearns Court without a significant downpour which typically brings floods.

The first meeting of the Casey/Kearns/Donaldson Flooding Action Group was attended by Mitchell Shire councillor Anne Goble who promised the 20-person strong group action would be taken soon.

According to residents, the problems have come about because houses and roads are being constructed on Reservoir Road, Broadford, which is generating stronger flows down toward the affect estate.

Previously the ground was a paddock allowing rain water to seep into the ground.

The group’s spokesperson, Darren Gray, said the drains had to be upgraded immediately.

“We need a new open drain or a pipe drain from the point it enters in our estate to the creek to divert the water away from us. I have lived here eight years and never seen this much water come through,” he said.

Since the meeting Mitchell Shire Council CEO. David Turnbull, has advised the North Central Review of the actions council is taking on the matter.

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