Wallan woman Seran Magraci will front court this month. ​

By Joshua Wells

A WALLAN woman is taking on the courts this month, adamant six fines she was allegedly issued in 2016 were wrong.

Seran Magraci was allegedly fined six times between September and November of last year while travelling along the Hume Freeway between Wallan and Melbourne.

Ms Magraci appeared in a Magistrates Court to plead not guilty, adjourning her case until December 12. She said she was gobsmacked when the sixth fine rolled in.

“It was weird to get them all together, I am familiar with the road and I am constantly using it,” she said.

“I am sure with the speed limits. Back then, our car was a year old and there are no problems with my speedometer.

“I am a bit upset… all of those fines add to about 12 demerit points and here I am trying to prove my innocence.”

Her fines were subject to an internal review where the cameras were deemed to be in working order.

Ms Magraci refuted the findings and wrote to the Road Safety Camera commissioner John Voyage who was unable to assist her case.