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Saving an Australian icon at Mountain Brumby Rescue Sanctuary

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The North Central Review
The North Central Review
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The Mountain Brumby Rescue Sanctuary (MBRS) lies in the hills of a private property near Broadford, and in its fourth year, the sanctuary is embarking on a volunteer mission to save a piece of Australian history from culling.

President of the MBRS Gabriela Black said she is in disbelief that Parks Victoria is considering culling the Brumbies instead of rehoming them – even when there is a second sanctuary available in Cooma, NSW.

In NSW, the National Parks and Wildlife Service employs a Feral Animal Aerial Shooting Team (FAAST) to reduce the Brumby population, and often uses helicopters to conduct aerial shooting.

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“It’s very brutal and inhumane, what they are doing. We are really stressed about it, and we are trying to save as many as possible,” she said.

The MBRS is home to one stallion, some geldings, and many mares with foals. Volunteers of all abilities care for the beloved horses, and donations ensure they always have good feed, supplements for the mares, and fresh water every day.

Treasurer of the MBRS Jo Curtis said that Brumbies are known for their bomb-proof nature, and that during early European settlement and war times, they proved themselves to be strong and dependable.

“They have fought in the wars (WW1 and WW2) and kept a lot of our soldiers safe. They were partners,” she said.

“The Brumby has done so much for Australia. We are saving the Brumbies, because the NSW Government and parks want to eradicate all the Brumbies. In Victoria they want to eradicate them too.”

The MBRS has found new homes for 16 Brumbies in the last six months and has rescued 153. They would like to thank all of their volunteers and sponsors, and are calling for those interested in lobbying for the Brumbies to reach out.

To learn more about the sanctuary or to sponsor a Brumby, (or even to give one a forever home!

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