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Upgrades to disrupt Seymour, Craigeburn, Shepparton trains

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TIMETABLES for train services in Craigeburn, Seymour and Shepparton will change during the next three days as V/Line workers conduct track maintenance and a level crossing removal at Glenroy continues.

Buses will replace trains on the Craigeburn line between Essendon and Broadmeadows from 9pm on Friday until the last service on Sunday.

Buses will then replace all trains between Essendon and Craigeburn on Monday, with passengers advised to allow up to 40 extra minutes for their journey.

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Works on the Seymour and Shepparton lines will begin on Friday evening, affecting the 7.30pm service from Seymour and the 9.30pm service from Southern Cross Station.

Coaches will replace all trains between Southern Cross Station, Seymour and Shepparton until the last service on Monday.

Replacement coaches will be a mix of express and stopping all stations coaches, and will add an extra 60 minutes to the journey. Coaches will not pick up or drop off at Essendon Station.

The disruptions will allow crews in Glenroy to work in the rail corridor, carrying out signalling and overhead wiring works, painting and concreting, as well as continuing works on the new western entrance to Glenroy Station.

V/Line will complete works on the Seymour and Shepparton lines, including signalling improvements and general maintenance to ensure the ongoing upkeep of the corridor.

The new Glenroy Station opened in May after the removal of a level crossing, eliminating a traffic bottleneck for 19,000 vehicles that use Glenroy Road each day.

for more information and to plan their journey.

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