As Australians prepare to spoil mothers on Sunday, Lancefield animal sanctuary Edgar’s Mission is joyous to welcome a special new addition in time for the occasion.

The recent addition comes after the birth of a calf named Little Flower – who has an unique story

“Little Flower’s mum Petal was recently surrendered into our care with two other former milking cows,” Edgar’s Mission director Pam Ahern said.

“Their humans loved them deeply and wished for them to be spared the dire fate of all dairy cows who have passed the peak of their productive years.”

It came to pass that Petal, a Friesian of about 10 years, was pregnant. And when she recently gave birth, sanctuary carers were moved by what they witnessed.

“We had heard of perfectly healthy birds feigning injury to lure predators away from their young,” Ms Ahern said.

“We couldn’t help but wonder if that was what we were witnessing.”

Wishing to check that all was well with the veteran mother and her bub, yet ever cautious not to invade their space, carers entered the field. 

“From afar, Petal spied us. And as we made our way that little bit closer, the doting mother took a gentle lick of her baby, then slowly moved away, never once looking back,” Ms Ahern said.

“She nonchalantly lowered her head and ate some grass, then looked our way as if trying to divert our attention to her.”

When carers left the scene, Petal immediately returned to her baby and lovingly caressed every inch of her form with her tongue.

“Normally around this point in Petal’s previous birthings, her babies would have been taken from her,” Ms Ahern said.

“Little Flower is the baby she will finally get to keep. There are few who could have witnessed this tender scene and not have been moved.”

Little Flower’s arrival comes as the sanctuary is gearing up for All Mother’s Day, an initiative encouraging people to pledge to eat and be kind this Mother’s Day.

“From sharing a delicious plant-based brunch to choosing gifts that are not tested on animals, there are so many ways to make kinder choices for all mums, regardless of species,” Ms Ahern said.

People who pledge will receive a free recipe eBook, a printable Mother’s Day Card, and will go in the draw to win a hamper full of ethical goodies.  

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