By Tricia Mifsud

NATHAN Roberts is no stranger to the golf courses in Mitchell Shire, and is now offering classes at Kilmore Golf Club as its new resident pro golfer.

Roberts joined Kilmore Golf Club in August last year to further his reach to golfers in the shire and provide training and coaching.

He currently coaches at Hidden Valley and Broadford golf clubs, including coaching an all-abilities class at Broadford.

Roberts is looking forward to share his 21 years of coaching experience with new clients.

“A friend of mine used to go over and coach in America and I went over to watch what he did. I really enjoyed it and when I came back I wanted to give it a go,” he said.

“Coaching allows me to work with children and adults of all abilities … and it’s great to watch what they achieve.”

Roberts said anyone considering golf should give it a go at any of the courses in the shire.

“It’s a game that you can play forever and enjoyed at any level the person is at,” he said.

“I often hear that people wish they tried golf at a younger age, only giving it a go for the first time for things like a work golf day … but it’s something that can be enjoyed at any age.”

Anyone interested in taking classes with Roberts, or has general golfing questions can call him on 0405 327 427.