Students from year four to year 12 make up the cast of Hazel Glen College's Matilda the Musical, which will be staged in September.

Hazel Glen College in Doreen has announced its annual school musical will be Tim Minchin’s Matilda.

The production involves more than 60 students from years four to 12, who have been rehearsing for most of the year for the show in September.

Director Stephanie Williams said after last year’s musical cancellation the students were thrilled to have one to work on – even if they were currently rehearsing via Zoom during lockdown.

“It is really exciting, as well for the kids to have something to look forward to,” she said.

“We have been rehearsing all year but with lockdown it’s just the uncertainty of everything. But our cast has been incredibly resilient. We’ve been rehearsing via Zoom; they’ve been learning the dance moves in their living rooms.”

Ms Williams and the production’s choreographer had filmed themselves performing dance moves, then sending the videos to the cast to learn on their own.

They then schedule a group Zoom rehearsal during which they try to coordinate dancers with music and dance in sync.

“It’s pretty crazy, but they’ve adapted to it,” she said.

The school chose Matilda the Musical, based on a book by Roald Dahl and adapted to stage by Australian songwriter Tim Minchin, because of its large variety of roles for both adult and child characters.

“We chose it because we are in the unique position of having year fours to 12s, so we wanted a musical that suited a large age range and that gave our junior kids a chance to shine as well as the older kids,” Ms Williams said.

“It’s a fun musical, everyone knows the story of Matilda and the songs are really fun to sing along to.”

She said the story’s themes were relatable story for many children, who have had a ball preparing for it.

The show will be staged over the first weekend of September, with two of the three shows already sold out under current density limits. Tickets are still available to a matinee show on Saturday, September 4, but if restrictions ease the school will release more tickets.

“This year’s been tough on so many people; coming and seeing how dedicated our kids are will put a smile on people’s faces,” Ms Williams said.

The performance dates are Friday, September 3, 7pm; and Saturday, September 4, 1pm and 7pm at the Magis Performing Arts Centre in Watsonia. Tickets are available now via