Broadford and District Historical Society members Graham Neill, Marg Inness and John Brissett work on the Broadford Primary School exhibition, which opens on Australia Day.

A new exhibition depicting the life and times of Broadford Primary School will open on Australia Day.

For many visiting Broadford and District Historical Society’s exhibition on Sunday January 26, it will be a walk down memory lane as they see the many photographs, historic items, books and games on display.

The exhibition follows the success of last year’s Australia Day display of Broadford’s Australian Paper Mill.

The already-established link between the historical society and the primary school helped members come up with the idea for next exhibition to feature the school.

A call-out via social media soon sparked a strong contribution of photographs and items from people who had been associated with the school over the years.

Historical society member Marg Inness said the primary school began as Broadford State School in 1873.

“The earliest photo on display at the exhibition is from some time in the 1880s,” she said.

The earliest photographs depict some school children dressed quite formally, while others are in bare feet.

Ms Inness has also collated a book of information, facts and stories throughout the school’s history, gathering information from the internet and from various former students and teachers.

“Sandy and Barry Withers, former teachers at the school, have been amazing with their contribution,” she said.

“The school has also been extremely helpful, especially with printing the book.”

Items such as a Gestetner printer, scales and a portable writing desk have also been donated or loaned for the exhibition.

“The small writing desk belonged to long-time residents George and Shirley Bilton, and its from the 1900s,” Ms Inness said.

There are also marbles, toy guns, satchels, a grammar phone, uniforms and readers from yesteryear.

Society member John Brissett, and former Broadford Primary School teacher, has also helped out with collating the exhibition.

Mr Brissett was librarian at the school for 17 years, and helped with a library upgrade in 1999.

He said the primary school had undergone many changes with buildings coming and going over the years.

The building the historical society calls home was formerly a primary school building, moved to the High Street location in 1995.

The exhibition will open from 10am to 5pm on Sunday at 120 High Street Broadford, opposite the memorial park.