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Kangaroo pet food

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Registered shooters will be able to cull kangaroos in accordance with a regulatory framework from October.

A Kangaroo Management Plan will be developed over the next six months, and more details about how to register for a licence under the scheme will be available closer to October. 

Victoria’s kangaroo pet food trial has been extended after a last-minute backflip from the State Government.

The scheme that was scheduled to expire on March 31 but will now continue for another six months.

Farmers will still be able to continue to apply for and access an Authority to Control Wildlife permit to control kangaroos on their own property, but the carcasses will not be processed under the new system. 

The State Government spokesman said the new long-term framework will support the operation of a pet food program and ensure that harvesting is sustainable and animal safety standards are met.

The extended time will allow the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning to develop a regulatory framework and mitigate any concerns with participants.

From October 1, the department-approved plan will see kangaroos in Victoria harvested and processed, administered by the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions.

A Kangaroo Management Plan will set up harvesting zones and annual quotas in each zone.

Regular surveys will be conducted to ensure sustainable quotas will be met state-wide.  

Euroa MP Steph Ryan said the program was vital for farmers in Victoria.

“I have been lobbying for the continuation of this program for months,” Ms Ryan said.

“Farmers around Heathcote, Nagambie, Euroa and Lake Mokoan have reported kangaroo numbers in plague proportions.

“This program offers a way of proactively converting a problem to a product with an economic benefit for rural and regional communities.

“The sustainable management of kangaroos is important for our region and the state.”

The State Government spokesman said the new regime would allow farmers to continue to quickly access Authority to Control Wildlife permits and cull kangaroos causing damage to property, while allowing a long term and sustainable kangaroo pet food industry, in which professional and registered shooters are responsible for culling kangaroos.

“We have extended the current trial for six months while we consult with various groups to develop the new regulatory framework and Kangaroo Management Plan,” he said.

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  1. Kangaroos are not plants. They are not ‘harvested’, they are slaughtered. Kangaroos have families and they are wonderful examples of how people should live. This is a shameful cave-in to ignorant farmers by an ugly, ignorant government. Really hard to believe such cruelty is encouraged and profited from. Mr Andrews, can’t you see what a disgrace it is to kill kangas for pet food. UUUgh

  2. This is disgraceful if you continue to kill our national emblem and tourist draw card to Australia you are the biggest hypocrites ever. Stop killing AUSTRALIAN WILDLIFE NOW. This has devastating impact on complex family units and animals need to be shown compassion and care before they’re gone. Australian government YOU’RE A SHAMEFUL DISGRACE.

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