The woodchopping event continued its long-held tradition of being popular with spectators at the Whittlesea Show on the weekend.

The upcoming Whittlesea Show promises to showcase a range of regional talent while offering an entertaining weekend, with competitions and farm animals set to feature throughout the event.

Returning this year is the woodchop competition alongside hobby livestock, dairy and beef cattle judging, sheep judging, alpacas and a horse show, which will include a new heavy horse feature with Clydesdales and larger horses on display.

Familiar names such as Meyer and O’Toole, along with a selection of Australia’s top axemen, will be among the competitors in the woodchop.

Whittlesea Agricultural Society president Erica Hawke said the weekend was expected to be a popular event with a full schedule.

“We’ve got the woodchop back again, with axemen going head-to-head in some amazing competition, climbing poles and everything which is very impressive,” she said.

“The dairy cattle are always well-received here because it used to be a large dairy area and it’s wonderful that we still have the number of breeds coming in to be shown at the show.”

Now in its 164th year, the society prides itself on being a volunteer-led organisation that caters to the Whittlesea and broader agricultural communities.

“The organisation is a community-based group, and the show remains a community-based event,” Ms Hawke said.

“Entries are still open for competitors and displays, so they’re all still coming in and we’ve got a good number of entries so far, we’re looking forward to taking the rest over the next couple of weeks.”

The Whittlesea Show is on November 4 and 5 at Whittlesea Showgrounds, located on Yea Road.

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