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Former Broadford resident returns for local feature film production

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By Tricia Mifsud

A FORMER Broadford resident will return to town in January to direct and produce his first feature film and is calling out to the community to assist with acting, off-camera roles and set locations.

Jackson Ezard stumbled across the script for the movie about 10 years ago and revisited it in lockdown with the original writer’s permission to rewrite the script.

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He teamed up with fellow actor Peter Flaherty to make it into story he would like to film.

“Pete and I spent all lockdown going over the script and rewriting the script, but the story itself is based around suburban Australian families that face everyday challenges that we face ourselves with various dilemmas within their relationships,” Mr Ezard said.

“I wanted to write something that was relatable to the audience, and I feel in some way, most people will be able to connect with one of our three main protagonist, as we have all have had to overcome at some stage some of the challenges that our characters face – be it, in school, our workplace or at home.”

Mr Ezard is still on the lookout for some accommodation to host the cast and crew during filming, as well a ‘quintessential Australian suburban house’ and a yoga studio or similar for the production’s sets.

He is also looking for some final roles to be filled both on and off camera, which Mr Ezard dedicated to people living with disability, as he endeavoured for the film to be all-inclusive.

“I didn’t want to exclude anyone from being a part of this production whether that be in front or behind the camera,” he said.

“In writing the film, I tried to include characters that had disabilities, and they don’t have to be played by someone with a disability if we can’t secure that, but there is no reason why someone with a disability can’t fulfil the roles.”

Mr Ezard said he was proud to be returning to Broadford and to produce a movie in the town where he grew up.

He said he was happy to be supporting local businesses and those aspiring to be in the film industry.

“After being very fortunate to have worked on film sets around the world in Vancouver, London, Sydney and Melbourne, having the opportunity to shoot my very own film back where it all started in the Mitchell Shire is very exciting to me,” he said.

“I could not have got to where I am today without the help and support of my family and friends, and I can’t wait to bring a little bit of the industry back to the Mitchell Shire with me as there are so many fun and unique places to film.”

People wishing to donate to Mr Ezard’s fundraiser for the film can visit

People who are interested in being a part of the film’s production or can help in providing accommodation or set locations can email

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