FIVE green thumbs in the City of Whittlesea have won $2000 worth of prizes for their gorgeous gardens in council’s garden competition.

There must be something in the water in Thomastown as winner of the edible garden category went to Maria Mercuri and Vicki Servinis took first place in the front garden category.

The Thomastown women were praised for their blooms and abundance of fruit and vegetables.

Mayor Lawrie Cox said gardens were judged on innovative colour schemes and interesting plant combinations, the amount and quality of fruit and vegetables and environmentally-friendly gardening practices.

“Vicki’s beautiful cottage style garden is a sea of colour with a variety of roses, daisies, geraniums and elephant ears,” he said.

“She has used a range of foliage, layers and textures and when viewed from the street it creates a warm and friendly environment and a talking point among passers-by.

“In Maria’s garden, full of eggplant, chilies cherries, apples, persimmon, peas, apricots, tomatoes, grapes and more, there is no space wasted with artistic features throughout.

“The extensive range of fruit trees and vegetables are a visual feast. Her grafted tree providing four different citrus types is exceptional.”

Edible Garden winners were: 1st Maria Mercuri; 2nd Menka Ristevski.Front Garden winners: 1st: Vicki Servinis; 2nd: George Efremidis; 3rd: Mario and Tosca Pozzie.