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Wallan students engage in cultural exchange

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The North Central Review
The North Central Review
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Wallan Secondary College, WSC, students exchanged information about their cultures earlier this month, with 16 students from Hong Kong and their teachers visiting the college.

As part of the school’s cross-border study, students from San Wui Commercial Society Chan Pak Sha School in Wong Chuk Hang joined a year 10 English class that focused on Australian slang and expressions.

The Wallan students taught the pronunciation and the meaning of Australian phrases to the students and in return were taught Cantonese.

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At the end of the class, WSC students presented the Chan Pak Sha students each with a card featuring a personal message inside.

The students then experienced a Food Tech lesson, making yo-yo biscuits with the help of the college captains and leaders – a first for the guests.

Wallan Secondary students showing off their baked goods with students from San Wui Commercial Society Chan Pak Sha School earlier this month. ​

Executive principal assistant and international student co-ordinator Lauren Mozina said it was sweet seeing the Chan Pak Sha students share their baked goodies with WSC students and staff.

Providing the true Australian experience, the school’s college captains, student leaders, assistant principals and invited guests shared a feast of Aussie fare with their new friends before bidding them farewell – but not before swapping social media handles and WeChat addresses.

Ms Mozina said both the Chan Pak Sha and WSC students thoroughly enjoyed their time together and hoped to continue to grow the cultural exchange. 

“It always amazes me how students from all backgrounds, nationalities, even with a language barrier, can still find common ground,” she said.

“The day was full of laughter and noise, it was brilliant and provided an amazing opportunity for our students to gain an insight into another culture, form new friendships and hopefully it encourages them to go out and explore the world.”

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