SES Kilmore Unit volunteers Jamie Kilby, Lauren Gobbett and unit controller John Koutras spent time at Kilmore Village on Wednesday to connect with the community on Wear Orange Wednesday. ​

By Tricia Mifsud

THE selfless commitment by State Emergency Service, SES, volunteers was recognised last week on ‘Wear Orange Wednesday’.

The day is celebrated during National Volunteer Week where the community was encouraged to wear orange and thank all SES volunteers who generously give their time to help communities during emergencies.

SES volunteers from the Kilmore Unit attended Sutherland Street Day Care Centre where children dressed in orange and were given the opportunity to view SES vehicles with the lights and sirens.

A stall was later set up at Kilmore Village where people could come chat with volunteers and learn more about becoming a volunteer with the SES.

SES Kilmore Unit coordinator John Koutras said the day was a joint celebration of the contribution SES had made to the community.

“Wear Orange Wednesday is a day where we recognise the SES volunteers and the community gets to say thank you to us… we get to go out like we did this morning the Sutherland Street and get the message across about what we do, how we can help them and how they can help at home if there is an emergency,” Mr Koutras said.

“It’s a bit of a joint message today – it’s not only getting thanked by the community, but it’s educating them about how to respond in an emergency and if we’re really lucky, we may get some of those people to sign up as volunteers.

“Anyone in the community can join whatever their skills are. They just need to volunteer their time and we will teach them the skills they need to know.”

People who would like to find out more about volunteering for the SES are encouraged to contact their local unit or visit

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