Naming anomaly rectified

An unusual street naming issue was rectified by Mitchell Shire councillors with an unmade section of Minton Street, Beveridge renamed to Camerons Lane.

A recent subdivision review in Minton Street revealed that an unmade section of the road was not actually connected to the developed part, with the two separated by the Hume Freeway.

The developed section of Minton Street is located east of the freeway in the old Beveridge township, while the unmade section is located west of the freeway, near the Mandalay development, and is a small dirt track running off the corner of Camerons Lane and Malcolm Street.

Outgoing Mitchell Shire councillors unanimously agreed to rectify the oddity as the September 21 council meeting, the last before council entered the caretaker period leading up to the local government elections on October 24.

Community consultation on the name change took place online on the Engaging Mitchell Shire website, with the majority of eight responses deeming the change necessary.

Council officers said the renaming was required to ensure ease of travel for landowners and service providers.

Then south ward councillor Rob Eldridge said the change was a logical solution to a potential issue, not only for residents, but emergency vehicles.

“Basically Minton St is split by the Hume Freeway, the west side of the street is not developed at all and there are no houses at all so what that means is that it will become Camerons Lane, which is a straight through connection and that will remove any conflict in trying to find something in Minton Street,” he said.

“We’ve probably got a few other [roads] we should be doing this with.”